Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May recap...

If we ever own a house, Shelbi is going to be my gardener!

Brixton, Grimm and I traveled to Utah a few days earlier then we had planned because my Grandma Hatfield was going to have surgery on an aneurysm the Dr's found behind her eye. It was a slow recovery and she is a little sassy when she doesn't feel good. So getting her to eat when she didn't want to was a little tough. But she did great! Everyone was there in the ICU waiting room everyday until she was moved to a different room, where we could visit more often. I was so happy to have her come home and I know everyone else was too. I think Brixton was the most excited!! He hated going to the hospital and having to play in the waiting room. Grandma Hatfield is doing great, she got her staples out and blood tests look good! I came back to 29 Palms but I try to call everyday just to see how she is doing. I'm so grateful for my awesome family, I'm very blessed and spoiled! I love you guys!

To keep Brixton busy while we were home, I got him some new kicks!  

Took the Rhino out and got it a little muddy.

Got new sunglasses!

Watched Mapleton City tear down a tree at our Hill BBQ.
Brixton & Reese

At southtown mall playing with Reese.

Sweet cousin Reese!

Little Helper!
Helping Shelbi plant flowers in the rain.

Trying out Grandpa Thompson's new toys!

 Feeding the cow

Swinging with Shelbi while mommy visited w/ Grandma Hatfield.

Helping Grammy with the laundry

Got a haircut when we got home! :)

Down to Palm Springs with my family for Memorial Weekend!

Feeding the horses. The horse took the carrot so fast I didn't even get a picture! 

Who's your superman? 

Swimming with Brixton and Shelbi. Found this great floating at Target! He loves it and he is fearless with it on!!  

Brixton touching his toes.
For all of you that are freaking out, I cropped it and you can't see Shelbi right there with him! No worries. 

Celebrating my 25th birthday! GLUP!!

We had such a great weekend in Palm Springs! Thanks Mom and Dad! Also thanks Shelbi and Allie for coming out and having fun with us. I know everyone wanted to come but sometimes things don't work out! Next time for sure!
I loved spending time up in Utah and getting to see everyone! I even got to see Jamie!! My long lost cousin ;), she was in for Mother's Day and stayed an extra few days! Fingers crossed that one day we will live close to our families!!
We love you all!!!

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