Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maybe I should have been a doctor....

Brixton and I spent the last 2 weeks up in Utah! It was freezing cold! I can't believe how fast you forget how cold it gets. Cold for us is about 45!! :) I was going to take a sewing class while home, that was the whole reason to stay up there for 2 weeks. But turned out that my Auntie Kerrie took some time and showed me what I needed to know, so no class. I do however have another class I can't wait to take next month (Rug hooking).

I can't wait, I'm so excited!!

Well I'm a little irritated, Brixton scratched his ear sometime on last Saturday or Sunday. That small scratch turned into a very red and mad looking ear. I thought he had an ear infection so Monday I took him to a doctor in Utah and she said there was an infection and sent us home with antibiotics. His poor little ear started to look better and then Thursday it was like the antibiotic stopped working, so Friday we got in before we got on the road to drive home. We saw a different doctor who gave us a different and stronger antibiotic. Then we were on our way in the snow and rain!! We made it to St. George Friday night and drove the rest of the way on Saturday. That drive is a pain in the butt!!! So Monday I called to change our doctor in 29 from the Naval Hospital to a civilian doctor. Because when I called to make a recheck appt for Brixton's ear they said next month would be the soonest I could get in. That didn't work for me, I changed doctors and got an appt for today!! Our new doctor is great! It will be nice to see the same doctor each time! So our new doctor tells us that Brixton has Infantigo!!! Yeah awesome!!! So for those of you that don't know what it is it's also known as Impetigo (sometimes impetaigo) is a superficial bacterial skin infection. Our poor little man. We have a topical antibiotic now and a recheck appt in a week. So I'll keep you posted on how that goes. He is not letting this get him down, if anything he is into everything even more!!! I can't believe him, he is a true blue boy!!
I hope everyone else is having a better week!!