Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa Thompson Visit!

Colby's parents came out for a long weekend!
Brixton really loves getting to see his grandparents! He just loves dumping out all his toys and showing them everything!
When they first got here Chris and I went and got a pedi & mani! Thank you Chris!! It was much needed!!
Colby and his dad got to golf on a PGA West course down in Palm Springs, then we met up with them for lunch. After lunch the guys took Brixton home and the girls got to shop!
Chris helped me with my fear of buying pregnancy clothes! haha
Not all pregnancy clothes are ugly! She bought me some very cute tops and 2 pairs of carpi's and I LOVE THEM!{I went back and got more shirts!} 
Thanks Chris for breaking me of my fear!
We did a lot while the Thompson's were out here!
We went to the drive-in and saw the new X-men!
The day before they left we went down to the Children's Museum and let Brixton loose!

One of the things they hate the most is posing for pictures!
Grandpa & Brixton
At the Museum they had so many awesome toys to play with!

Grandma & Brixton

Sometimes we even found ourselves playing with the toys! haha
There is a child in all of us!

Daddy & Brixton
Art lesson's from a pro! :)

There is something so stinking cute about a very small shopping cart and Brixton pretending his is shopping!

Mommy & Brixton
We made pizza's for everyone, just they way they liked it!!

We had such a great time with G & G Thompson!! Thanks for coming to visit us in 29 Palms!!! We love you!!!

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