Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin pickin'

(Colby and Brixton were sharing sixlets)
Ok so this isn't a pumpkin pickin' picture but I thought it was so cute I had to put it on! I made Brixton's shirt when I was home and it fits him so well because he DOES bite!
The military community we live in had a pumpkin pickin'/bounce house/trick or treating party. It was pretty nice, we just walked out our back porch and there it was.
What's better then trick or treat candy??
Brixton's very own carton of popcorn, he is just like his dad. They both love popcorn.

He found the perfect little pumpkin.
It's small enough he can carry it and maybe big enough we could try to carve it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

That was a quick trip.

Brixton and I were up in Utah for almost 2 weeks, but now we are home. The drive is getting worse and worse. I don't like it at all. The barn boutique was fun, but I don't think I'll be doing it next year. ;) I actually bought a super cute headband from my competitor! What ya going to do?? I love it! Right before we came home we celabrated G & G Hill's 50th wedding anniversary! It was great to see the family, I can't get enough of the families!! It's hard being so far away. We did get some great pictures of Brixton and Reese visiting the cows by the fire station and by the pumpkins.

Reese is fearless when the cows came over. She even picked the cows nose! It was pretty funny, her mommy didn't enjoy that at all. Brixton wasn't sure what to think of the stinky cows!

Waiting for the cows to come over. Reese was ready and waiting. Brixton need some encouragement for Auntie Shelbi.

Adorable Reese in one of the red ridding hood capes I sold at the boutique. She looks so dang cute it them!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I've be busy!

So I finished all my Barn Boutique items. I set them up last Thursday night at the old Mapleton City Building. I have been checking once a day just make sure that our booth doesn't need to be stocked or organized. So far it's going slow, Colby had the great idea to make tea cup pin cushions and he has sold 2 already!! Way to go Colby!! 
But on another note...
I went with my family on Saturday to collect wood for the winter. I loved it! It was great, you cut down the dead tree and chop it and stack it in the bed of the truck.
Brix's favorite part was riding in the rhino! 
the colors are so beautiful this time of year.
I was so much fun. I love being country! I wish we lived in Utah, for the weather and they beautiful scenery and to be closer to our families of course.
Today Brix and I got some chores done and played outside until the awesome rain storm this afternoon. 
Brixton loved playing in the garden, he thinks he can just pick everything. (since Shelbi let him pick a tomato)
When I couldn't see him anymore I walked down to the garden to see what he was doing and he was secretly trying to pick at the plants.

Mom I'm right here!!