Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

My favorite...

 Two of the cutest guys I know!

For Father's Day I had Brixton paint a boat and a car and I got a shirt with Colby's name put on it. It's kinda only funny to us.

Oh Brixton loves painting things! He loves getting all messy then he starts painting the table and his highchair! I did have to help him with the boat and car because he only painted 1/2 of them.

And this is the shirt I had made for Colby. ;)
I don't know if he'll ever wear it again but he looks really good in it!! 

For Father's Day we went down to Palm Springs Air Museum! Brixton loves to see the planes and run under them!!
Outside models

Leaning back looking at the plane saying "whoaa" because they are so BIG!!
We had a great time at the Air Museum! Brixton loves spending time with his daddy!
Colby, you are the world's greatest Dad! We hope you had a wonderful Father's Day! We love you so much!!

Brix sporting the shirt my in-laws sent!!
He is such a hamm!!!

I would also like to tell my Dad and my Father in-law Happy Father's Day. I know they don't normally read my blog, but we are so lucky to have them in our lives!! We are so grateful for you and we love you so much!!!

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