Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm obsessed....

Now that I have caught the sewing virus, I just can't stop!!!
I bought another sewing book for my birthday, Handmade Beginnings. Super cute book the only down side is you have to trace and cut out the patterns yourself. It's kinda annoying!
I also have Little Stitches for little ones from Amy Butler and I love it!! I purchased it when I first had Brixton and today I just cut out all the patterns because I'm making a few of the things for Thompson baby boy #2!!
Yay I'm so excited to make them!!!
I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner but I have been making Pj pants like a crazy person! I even made matching ones for Brixton and the baby!

Colby 100% hates the colors and the different color on the bum but I HEART them! They are going to look so cute being matchy!! 
I also made some that Colby would be happy with too.

This is so much fun! I have a list that keeps growing of stuff I can make instead of buy and it will be unique! Plus nothing feels better then knowing you made something yourself!!

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