Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I had an ultrasound done today and all is well. Everything is where its suppose to be! yay!
The awesome tech I have then took a couple pictures for me and then measured the wiggly guy to make sure he looks good.
She plugged all the information in and said "oh... he is going to be a BIG baby!" He is in the 85 percentile for being 21 weeks and already weighs in at 1 lb plus a little extra!!!
So GLUP... I'm a little nervous now!
I've always heard the 2nd is bigger but if Brixton was 8lb 15oz does that mean I'm going to have a 9.5lb baby??! Yikes!
Despite being nervous, I'm so happy that he is growing so well. We'll just keep it up and maybe he'll be any early baby? Lol Hey I can dream can't I?! 
 His little foot (I like little feet pictures!) and a profile!

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