Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Brix and I did the last few weeks....

We love you Grandma!

We drove home just in time to celebrate Great Grandma Hatfield's 66th birthday! I can't tell you how much I miss seeing my families! I use to see them all the time, whenever I wanted all I had to do was drive 5 minutes. But now I have to drive 8 -9 hours, 560 miles and across 3 states. :(

So at my parents house Brix loves to help in the garden and in the flower beds. Really just anywhere he can dig in dirt. He's a true boy!! ;)

So we put on Shelbi's wanders and went out to help Grandpa.

I love seeing all the beautiful flowers Shelbi has growing at my parents house. It really makes me what our own house really bad! I would like to have a huge garden. I love all the colors!

We made our way down to Lake Powell in the 12 passager van! It sure was fun, Grandpa Hatty drove and me and Brix and Moo and Allie and Grandma went along for the ride.

Waiting for the houseboat so we can unload our stuff!!

C.j. got Brix out and they were playing by the dock.

Auntie Shelbi, Brix and Mommy and Auntie Allie
playing off the back of the houseboat.

Night fishing with Grandma & Grandpa

If we let him he would have stayed in the sand all day everyday!!
He loved it! Shelbi & I just enjoying the sun.

Ok the last picture I'll post today is Brix with the lizard we caught.
It took C.j., Kimber and Dad and me about an hour to get it!
Brix wasn't so sure he liked it. Lol