Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 and a baby!

Yes Colby and I are having a baby! AHHHH!
If you missed Brixton's 2nd Birthday Party that's why you didn't know. We thought we would tell as many people as we could and have them do the rest.  
I'm a little nervous, it's kinda scary to think of having 2 kids. But then I think of people who are having their 5th or 6th child and I think ok I can do this!
First ultrasound.
Everything is looking good. I still have about 4.5 months to go.

13 weeks & the tech was sure she knew what it was then!

Little Heart Beat!

Anatomy Ultrasound
The top is his foot and then 2 profiles!
Yes I said "his", we are having another little rough and tough BOY!!!
I'm loving the Dr. I am going to. They are great to me & Brixton when he has to come along.
With Brixton I had only one ultrasound done by the Naval Hospital, my whole pregnancy. Every time I go to an appt now, they give me more ultrasound pictures to take home!!  

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