Friday, June 24, 2011

my little stash...

Yes I'm having a boy and yes I saved most all of Brixton's baby clothes but sometimes you have to get a little something new right?
I have started a little stash for Little Brother (and yes I'll be call him that until we find a name).

This is my stash so far... a few blankets (given to me), 2 little outfits (also given to me), I bought the boppy cover (you can never have enough of those) and the stroller/carseat cover.
The little booties is something I bought from JoAnn's, you crochet on to them and they look really cute. I also made 2 crocheted 2 little hats and the little worm was something Brixton picked out. I try to get him involved when I can, but most the time he thinks the toys are for him.

Ok ok... I do feel guilty getting things for Little Brother and not for Brixton so I got him something special the other day and HE LOVES IT!

The best $20 bucks I have ever spent! It came with one train but for Christmas last year Cj and Kimber gave Brixton the BRIX and a train, so he has a full train.

He loves to watch it go round and round!
(The sticker on his head is from the Dr's Office, we had appt that day)

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