Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our little man!

Some times I'm a crappy shot when I take pictures but other times I take pictures and they turn out pretty good! I thought this pic of Baby Brix was just so cute!! I had to share!!!

I can't believe how my days get so mixed up!! I guess because I'm with Brixton all day every day and unless he has an appt I don't need to know what day it is. The only way I know it's the weekend is when Colby doesn't go to work the next morning! Ha that is so sad!

I can't wait to come home in Feb, I have tons of stuff planned to do. I'll be taking a sewing class while in Ut and I'm so excited!!! I got a book of 101 things to sew with a yard of fabric, they are stinking cute things too! My girlfriend said she will stop by and show me how to thread my machine and everything else. I know it's sad!! I took sewing classes in school and I don't remember anything! Isn't that how life works though? You don't listen to people when you are younger and when you grow up you are kicking yourself wishing that you listened to what they had to say!!

So today Colby told me that "our" new 55" tv will be here in 7 days!! WHAT!?! This man and his gadgets! I don't know where are going to sit when he puts the tv up, the one we have now feels big to me. Hopefully I'll be gone when it comes, so we don't have to bicker over where its going to go. Oh our poor little house, its a lot smaller then our 1st house in 29. He are running out of places to put things!! I'm looking forward to leaving 29 in the future and hopefully getting a bigger house! (somewhere)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend visitors!

So this weekend we had Colby parents come stay with us. They came in on Friday a little after 1 then we went to John's Place to grab something to eat after that Chris and I had pedi's. Oh that was so nice. I don't think I have treated myself since Brixton was born!! (well actually Chris treated! Thank you again! You are too good to me!) The next day I had a baby shower and then Colby & Brixton and his parents picked me up and we went down to Cabazon Outlets for some shoppin' after we went to dinner. On the last day we went to the base for some clearance shopping (the best!!) then to the home store where Chris & Mike got Brixton a mini drill because he loves Colby's drill. We made our way home and they got packed up to leave... we hate to see them leave but Brixton & I will be up in a few weeks to see everyone soon.
Chris & Mike:
Thanks for coming down to visit us!! We love you guys!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Brown Bumble Bee

I am so happy that I get to show everyone now....
These headbands looked so cute when I made them but when Kylie wears them, they look so much better!!!! She is so adorable!!! She is a little spitfire!! Thank you Jackie!! I would love to make something for Brix but I can't find anything right now. So I guess I'll just make girlie things until then.

The headband are for sale and I have adult & children sizes so if you are interested let me know.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday Friday!!!

I'm so excited its Friday tomorrow!!! This week has flown by so fast! I swear you have a kid and time does super speed!! I was planning on going "down the hill" ( that means to Palms Springs) with Colby but he has duty on Saturday! AHHHH I hate weekend duty and its a holiday weekend too!!! :(
Well I have been trying to keep myself busy... I have been making head bands every chance I get. If the weather is good tomorrow, my friend and I are going to have a little photo shoot with her little girl. She is so cute and the head bands will look so cute on her. I'm hoping that my other friend wants to come up this weekend and I can use her little girl too. Too bad I can't crochet something boyish!! I'm really trying to find a cute/boyish owl beanie pattern. So if anyone knows where I could find it let me know!!
I'm planning on going to Ut for about 2 weeks again in Feb, see the families again and take a few sewing classes. I have found some really cute patterns that would keep me busy while Brixton naps and the laundry and dishes run. AND I'm planning on "trying" to sell my headbands... we'll see how that goes. I just wanna see if people are even interested in them at all.
So hopefully tomorrow I should have pictures up to show you what I mean when I say headbands!!!
Until then..........

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

its a wonderful life

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simple beanies with flowers...
this one is so cute! I had to use a fake baby because Colby would have
killed me if I used Brix.
One of my favorites...

the button stays and you
can change out the flowers...

Christmas break was awesome!! I loved being home and playing in the snow. I also picked up some sweet crocheting patterns!!!
(special thanks to my sisters who let me use their heads as models.)
It has become my "new" thing, kinda just pushed scrapbooking aside. :) Hopefully I'll jump back onto that because I have a ton to finish and Brixton's to start!!! He is almost a year old now, only 3 more months. He is taking steps here and there and always says "mom, mom, mom". My little man is growing up so fast!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I think I have finally figured it out. (...ok ok my husband did it for me but still...) I'm working on a few things right now so hopefully I'll have pictures up and my blog should but up and running by this weekend!!!