Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Gosh how time flies!! I was thinking it was still Monday.
It's already May!! Brixton and I have been trying to stay busy,
by going to the water park and to the Dinosaur Park. He loves to be
out of the house!!
I just wish that I had more time during the day. There are a million things
that I want to get done while he naps. But those 2 hours fly by!! I want to
work on sewing projects but for some reason they always take longer then
I thought they would.
But then we have days like today, Colby came home early and helped out with
Brixton and some of the details of sewing and I actually got to finish it!!
I'm really trying to get better at sewing... it takes tons of practice and
I need to learn to sit up straight when I sew. (then my back won't kill when
I try to stand up)
Here is a preview of my finished work from today!! Let me know what you think....

(it's a little cape)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

catching up....

I'm trying to play catch up.
Trying to catch up on...
spring cleaning...
sewing projects...
our scrapbooks...
cleaning the house...
DE-junking the house...(I guess that goes with Spring Cleaning)
organizing photo's...
Geez... I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.
I'm just glad that I have my pictures. (the story) On Sunday I plugged my External Hard-drive in, where I keep all my pictures. Nothing happened!! No wait better then nothing an ERROR came up, every time I tried to plug it in. I tried over and over!!! I was getting frustrated and nervous...I had my life of pictures on there!! All our wedding pictures...trips...Brixton's 1st pictures...Brixton's 1st year of pictures...and they were gone!!!!
Colby told me to take the hard drive in Monday morning and see what they could do. Sunday night I couldn't sleep without dreaming about losing all our memories. It was terrible. So I waited patiently until the shop opened at 10 and rushed in with my dying hard drive and my crazy little monkey.
Luckily the tech there saved every one of our pictures!!! AHHH it was sure a relief.