Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of Summer!

Brixton has developed a sudden love for painting and coloring! The only down side is I'm running out of things he can paint, I need to make a stock pile! Until then we went to the dollar store and picked up something to paint. They didn't have a great selection but he did find a bird house to paint. I was planning on getting something to paint and then going to the park, but when I put Brixton in his car seat he said "home to paint". So we went home to paint!!

 I like to give him tons of options with the colors but I have to stop giving him black. He paints with other colors then goes over it with black!

 He is really into it when he sticks his tongue out. (Just like his mama)

The awesome finished tiny bird house!! He told me "wait, paint wet mom!" So it's drying until I can touch it.

I love that I get to spend everyday with Brixton! He is so funny and he teaches me every day to be more and more patient. He is only 2 and he knows when Mommy needs a hug or needs to laugh or go outside! It just melts my heart! I love my Brixton!!!

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