Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{{ Happy 4th }}

{Felix Field}

Us and a couple friends went down to set up for the fire-works!

Sometimes Brixton is such a good little helper. He was helping carry the blanket to sit on.

He really liked sitting on the blanket by himself watching the fireworks!

He did let me sit with him long enough to take a picture then he kept pushing me off the blanket, saying "go back". (Meaning go back to my chair.)

Once he got tired of sitting on the blanket, he started running around. It was pitch black when there were no fire-works going off so he had to be held. (which he didn't like)

We had a great 4th of July, it isn't what we normally do but it was nice to just spend it with Colby and Brixton! I love my boys!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

{SHELBI comes to visit}

Brixton is crazy about my sister Shelbi! She flew in late last Tuesday to spend the 4th of July weekend with us!
Shelbi and Brixton @ Knott Sky Park
He would not let Shelbi out of sight and if she left him for a second he would scream "shelbi, shelbi!!!" until she came back. Combined with him being sick and yelling for Shelbi so much he lost his voice for a few days!!

{Perris Lake}

I found this National Park on my GPS, while we were planning to drive to the beach. All I could think at that point was it was closer. So we took a chance and it was great! Brixton loved playing in the water and sand and playing with Shelbi. We spent about 3.5 hours playing at the Lake!

Fearless Brixton!!

 Brixton was not afraid of the water at all! He tried jumping in multiple times without help!

Perris Lake National Park!
Auntie Shelbi & Brixton
Shelbi and I got a little burnt! But all that really matters is that Brixton didn't!  It was so much fun, we wish Colby didn't have to work, so he could have came with us!


We have never been to Landers but Colby and Shelbi saw a flyer for 3rd of July fireworks in Landers, since Shelbi was going to miss the 4th fireworks here we thought this would make up for it!
Boy did it ever! Lol there is a special breed of people that live in Landers! We just stood in the middle of the fair and people watched for about 30 mintues before going back to the car to set up for the fireworks.

Daddy, Mommy & Brixton
Shubi & Brix
The little chipmunks saying "cheese".

Colby, Shelbi & Brixton
watching the fireworks.
It wasn't Brixton's firework show but it was the first one where he was awake! I was worried that he would get scared or wouldn't like it. Luckliy he liked them! He didn't know what they really were but he liked them.

Happy 3rd!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa Thompson Visit!

Colby's parents came out for a long weekend!
Brixton really loves getting to see his grandparents! He just loves dumping out all his toys and showing them everything!
When they first got here Chris and I went and got a pedi & mani! Thank you Chris!! It was much needed!!
Colby and his dad got to golf on a PGA West course down in Palm Springs, then we met up with them for lunch. After lunch the guys took Brixton home and the girls got to shop!
Chris helped me with my fear of buying pregnancy clothes! haha
Not all pregnancy clothes are ugly! She bought me some very cute tops and 2 pairs of carpi's and I LOVE THEM!{I went back and got more shirts!} 
Thanks Chris for breaking me of my fear!
We did a lot while the Thompson's were out here!
We went to the drive-in and saw the new X-men!
The day before they left we went down to the Children's Museum and let Brixton loose!

One of the things they hate the most is posing for pictures!
Grandpa & Brixton
At the Museum they had so many awesome toys to play with!

Grandma & Brixton

Sometimes we even found ourselves playing with the toys! haha
There is a child in all of us!

Daddy & Brixton
Art lesson's from a pro! :)

There is something so stinking cute about a very small shopping cart and Brixton pretending his is shopping!

Mommy & Brixton
We made pizza's for everyone, just they way they liked it!!

We had such a great time with G & G Thompson!! Thanks for coming to visit us in 29 Palms!!! We love you!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

my little stash...

Yes I'm having a boy and yes I saved most all of Brixton's baby clothes but sometimes you have to get a little something new right?
I have started a little stash for Little Brother (and yes I'll be call him that until we find a name).

This is my stash so far... a few blankets (given to me), 2 little outfits (also given to me), I bought the boppy cover (you can never have enough of those) and the stroller/carseat cover.
The little booties is something I bought from JoAnn's, you crochet on to them and they look really cute. I also made 2 crocheted 2 little hats and the little worm was something Brixton picked out. I try to get him involved when I can, but most the time he thinks the toys are for him.

Ok ok... I do feel guilty getting things for Little Brother and not for Brixton so I got him something special the other day and HE LOVES IT!

The best $20 bucks I have ever spent! It came with one train but for Christmas last year Cj and Kimber gave Brixton the BRIX and a train, so he has a full train.

He loves to watch it go round and round!
(The sticker on his head is from the Dr's Office, we had appt that day)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I had an ultrasound done today and all is well. Everything is where its suppose to be! yay!
The awesome tech I have then took a couple pictures for me and then measured the wiggly guy to make sure he looks good.
She plugged all the information in and said "oh... he is going to be a BIG baby!" He is in the 85 percentile for being 21 weeks and already weighs in at 1 lb plus a little extra!!!
So GLUP... I'm a little nervous now!
I've always heard the 2nd is bigger but if Brixton was 8lb 15oz does that mean I'm going to have a 9.5lb baby??! Yikes!
Despite being nervous, I'm so happy that he is growing so well. We'll just keep it up and maybe he'll be any early baby? Lol Hey I can dream can't I?! 
 His little foot (I like little feet pictures!) and a profile!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of Summer!

Brixton has developed a sudden love for painting and coloring! The only down side is I'm running out of things he can paint, I need to make a stock pile! Until then we went to the dollar store and picked up something to paint. They didn't have a great selection but he did find a bird house to paint. I was planning on getting something to paint and then going to the park, but when I put Brixton in his car seat he said "home to paint". So we went home to paint!!

 I like to give him tons of options with the colors but I have to stop giving him black. He paints with other colors then goes over it with black!

 He is really into it when he sticks his tongue out. (Just like his mama)

The awesome finished tiny bird house!! He told me "wait, paint wet mom!" So it's drying until I can touch it.

I love that I get to spend everyday with Brixton! He is so funny and he teaches me every day to be more and more patient. He is only 2 and he knows when Mommy needs a hug or needs to laugh or go outside! It just melts my heart! I love my Brixton!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm obsessed....

Now that I have caught the sewing virus, I just can't stop!!!
I bought another sewing book for my birthday, Handmade Beginnings. Super cute book the only down side is you have to trace and cut out the patterns yourself. It's kinda annoying!
I also have Little Stitches for little ones from Amy Butler and I love it!! I purchased it when I first had Brixton and today I just cut out all the patterns because I'm making a few of the things for Thompson baby boy #2!!
Yay I'm so excited to make them!!!
I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner but I have been making Pj pants like a crazy person! I even made matching ones for Brixton and the baby!

Colby 100% hates the colors and the different color on the bum but I HEART them! They are going to look so cute being matchy!! 
I also made some that Colby would be happy with too.

This is so much fun! I have a list that keeps growing of stuff I can make instead of buy and it will be unique! Plus nothing feels better then knowing you made something yourself!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

My favorite...

 Two of the cutest guys I know!

For Father's Day I had Brixton paint a boat and a car and I got a shirt with Colby's name put on it. It's kinda only funny to us.

Oh Brixton loves painting things! He loves getting all messy then he starts painting the table and his highchair! I did have to help him with the boat and car because he only painted 1/2 of them.

And this is the shirt I had made for Colby. ;)
I don't know if he'll ever wear it again but he looks really good in it!! 

For Father's Day we went down to Palm Springs Air Museum! Brixton loves to see the planes and run under them!!
Outside models

Leaning back looking at the plane saying "whoaa" because they are so BIG!!
We had a great time at the Air Museum! Brixton loves spending time with his daddy!
Colby, you are the world's greatest Dad! We hope you had a wonderful Father's Day! We love you so much!!

Brix sporting the shirt my in-laws sent!!
He is such a hamm!!!

I would also like to tell my Dad and my Father in-law Happy Father's Day. I know they don't normally read my blog, but we are so lucky to have them in our lives!! We are so grateful for you and we love you so much!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Almost there...

Wow 20 weeks already, I'm feeling the baby kick and move around a lot more. I have an ultrasound next week, to make sure that my placenta is moving out of the way. I guess it's a normal thing for it not to move at first but if it doesn't move the right way then there are complications. So hopefully everything goes well!

 The app on my phone told me to go out and celebrate for making it to my 1/2 way mark! So I thought about and I think a pedicure would be nice, but I'm going to wait until next week. My in-laws are coming down and my mother in-law and I can go get one while the boys golf!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Play date with the Patterson's

Last week Brixton and I went to Joshua Park again!! We love it! This time we went with our friends the Patterson's, Brixton loves Shane(4yr) and Shane is so good with Brixton! They are great dinosaur friends!

Brixton was so excited to be at the park this time! He wasn't listen and he was climbing too high and too fast for me to catch him. I was so worried he was going to fall off a rock or land on a cactus. They have all kinds out here!

We did have a lot of fun, but it was kinda hard for 2 pregnant women to control 3 little kids and stay cool! 

Shane, Jordan, Brixton
All 3 off in different directions! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Joshua Tree National Park

2 weeks ago, Colby, Brixton and I went hiking in Joshua Park! It was awesome! Brix was a little nervous at first, the rocks are really big and if you fall on them, they are very unforgiving! Once he got warmed up, we couldn't slow him down. He was chasing lizards up and under rocks, climbing up rocks and trying to run down the other side. It was great weather for hiking! We had a lot of fun!
Brixton was showing us he could run really fast between the 2 rocks!
Like father like son.
Enjoying the sun and the view. He would climb to the top of the rocks and say "Im big" and lift his arms up!
Brixton and Momma!
Leaving the Park, if you follow this road (named Utah Trail) until you get to the green clumps that is where our house is and you can see the city of 29 to the left and the base tucked up against the mountains.