Monday, June 13, 2011

Joshua Tree National Park

2 weeks ago, Colby, Brixton and I went hiking in Joshua Park! It was awesome! Brix was a little nervous at first, the rocks are really big and if you fall on them, they are very unforgiving! Once he got warmed up, we couldn't slow him down. He was chasing lizards up and under rocks, climbing up rocks and trying to run down the other side. It was great weather for hiking! We had a lot of fun!
Brixton was showing us he could run really fast between the 2 rocks!
Like father like son.
Enjoying the sun and the view. He would climb to the top of the rocks and say "Im big" and lift his arms up!
Brixton and Momma!
Leaving the Park, if you follow this road (named Utah Trail) until you get to the green clumps that is where our house is and you can see the city of 29 to the left and the base tucked up against the mountains.

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