Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ok so I haven't been blogging...I've been doing everything else!!

Two weekends ago Colby, Brixton and I (plus Grimm) went to Primm for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. It's pretty awesome they do it every year, it's like Prom for grow ups, well sort of grow ups. Drunk Marines do not = grow ups! This year we asked Colby's parents to join us and Weston and Kylie to babysit Brixton for a couple hours. We got all glammed up and went to the ball, there is a ceremony and a cutting of the cake and a speaker then you eat and then dancing. It was a little short lived but it was

Then we spent the whole weekend with the Thompson's! It was great! We went to Bass Pro Shop's and walked around.
There was dog jumping competitions going on out front.

 We drove up and down the strip looking for ESPN Zone, we even went in New York New York trying to find it but just our luck it had been changed to something else! That was fine because if we did eat there we would have never found the little desert place!! YUMMM!
That was a good weekend! Thanks G & G Thompson for coming out and Thanks Weston and Kylie for watching our little one! 

Last weekend
G & G Hill, Cj and Kimber my 3 lil sisters and the Maddon's met us in Pomona for the weekend! It is so awesome that we got to see both sets of Grandparents in a matter of days!! 
Friday night we went to eat at King's Fish House (which also has steak) for Colby's birthday which is actually today!!
All of Saturday was devoted to Disneyland and California Adventure Land! It was a pretty long day, we got there when it opened and my family stayed until it closed! Colby, Brixton and I went home around 9, it was past our bed time!

Our cute family!


 "The happiest place on earth"
Colby, Brixton, Grandpa Hill and I went on the Safari Adventure Ride. His 1st ride at Disneyland!

He wasn't sure about it, he kept looking at everything but never let go of the bar!
The next ride we all went on was Pirates of the Caribbean, bad idea. Brixton did not like any part of that ride. He started crying after the 1st drop and didn't stop until we got off. 
We did have a blast at Disneyland but the only ride Brixton really liked was "It's a Small World" of course. 

He loved all the dancers and funny little animals and the music. It was Christmas/It's a Small World, very catchy.
The thing he loved most about Disneyland though was...

The bubble blowing machine G&G Hill got for him!!! 

 Sunday the girls and Brixton did some shopping while the boys and Allie went to the races! All in all it was a great weekend!
Thanks G&G Hill and my family and the Maddon's for coming out!

Monday, November 1, 2010

If my laptop had a face I would kick it's teeth in!!!!

I'm so fuming mad about my laptop! Since yesterday it's had a melt down every time I try to use it! So I'm using Colby's! I was trying all night to post pictures of our Halloween, oh well the day after won't hurt anything right?

Brixton's loot!
He didn't understand trick or treating and he didn't need a whole bag full of candy.
He couldn't figure out why everyone was dresses so weird and he would just stare at people with painted faces. 
Brixton was a little skeleton man! He would NOT wear a mask and I tried to put some black around his didn't work. So he was just a super cute little skeleton! 

Baby Mikey as the worlds cutest banana!!!
Miss Lily has Dorothy!! She is so adorable!

Dad and Brixton enjoying some bottle caps!
Grandma Hill, Mommy, Brixton going trick or treating!
My boy's make the best faces! We had a great time, maybe next year Brix will get it!