Sunday, July 3, 2011

{SHELBI comes to visit}

Brixton is crazy about my sister Shelbi! She flew in late last Tuesday to spend the 4th of July weekend with us!
Shelbi and Brixton @ Knott Sky Park
He would not let Shelbi out of sight and if she left him for a second he would scream "shelbi, shelbi!!!" until she came back. Combined with him being sick and yelling for Shelbi so much he lost his voice for a few days!!

{Perris Lake}

I found this National Park on my GPS, while we were planning to drive to the beach. All I could think at that point was it was closer. So we took a chance and it was great! Brixton loved playing in the water and sand and playing with Shelbi. We spent about 3.5 hours playing at the Lake!

Fearless Brixton!!

 Brixton was not afraid of the water at all! He tried jumping in multiple times without help!

Perris Lake National Park!
Auntie Shelbi & Brixton
Shelbi and I got a little burnt! But all that really matters is that Brixton didn't!  It was so much fun, we wish Colby didn't have to work, so he could have came with us!


We have never been to Landers but Colby and Shelbi saw a flyer for 3rd of July fireworks in Landers, since Shelbi was going to miss the 4th fireworks here we thought this would make up for it!
Boy did it ever! Lol there is a special breed of people that live in Landers! We just stood in the middle of the fair and people watched for about 30 mintues before going back to the car to set up for the fireworks.

Daddy, Mommy & Brixton
Shubi & Brix
The little chipmunks saying "cheese".

Colby, Shelbi & Brixton
watching the fireworks.
It wasn't Brixton's firework show but it was the first one where he was awake! I was worried that he would get scared or wouldn't like it. Luckliy he liked them! He didn't know what they really were but he liked them.

Happy 3rd!

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