Monday, September 20, 2010

It's like a weight was lifted

So this weekend I worked really hard and had tons of help from Colby and finished more of my "inventory". I'm super happy because I feel a little relieved! I'm feel better about selling and I even have another boutique I'm going to be selling in the end of October. YAHOO!!!
So one of my projects I finished is the little girl capes...
Displayed so you can see both sides.
Now displayed like "cup-capes"
Haha I was pretty proud when I came up with that. :) 
Also made these cute winter flowers. 

Last but not least Colby made a few things... he is getting really good. I might just have to have him work with me!
Yes Colby did make both of the little pin cushions in the picture. He is so creative and very good at making these pin cushions. :) I know he'll be happy that I'm sharing with everyone that he is making crafts on the side but I had to!

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  1. They are sooooo cute! All of them. You are so talented and Colby too.