Sunday, September 19, 2010

Base Carnival

Colby, Brixton and I went to the base carnival on Saturday for some fun in the hot hot sun! It was really nice, you can't beat free food, and free games for the kids. They had bounce houses and pony rides, I felt really bad for the poor little ponies it was hot out there. I wouldn't want screaming little kids trying to kick my in the sides. Brixton just liked looking at the ponies so we just got pictures.

We also rode on the Ferris wheel. Brixton really liked that, it wasn't a very big one but it was pretty fun.

We had lots of fun, but it was during Brixton's nap time and he had-had it after the Ferris Wheel so we headed home.
Of course on the ride home Brix passed out! It was a good family day!

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