Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I have been told by a few of my family members that I'm slacking on my blogging. Lol I have been! My last post was in January!?!? Opps! Well I'm on it now! I'll try to get everyone up to date on what happened over the last 3 months!

In February, Grandpa & Grandma Thompson came out along with Weston and Kylie. I think Kylie was excited to see where we lived but after being here for the weekend, I don't think she is going to make plans to come back anytime soon. hahah 29 Palms is not a very interesting place, kinda boring actually! But we did have fun while they were here. We went down to Palm Desert and went to the Living Desert Zoo! It was so much fun! Brixton loved be able to run around and see all the animals! We went to see the Butterfly and Humming Bird exhibit.

  Which Brixton liked until a butterfly landed on him, then he wasn't so sure. We had a blast at the Zoo! Kylie and Weston even had fun, they got to ride a Camel!!!

I think Weston was having more fun then Kylie!
Brixton, Colby and I got to ride on the cheetah!!
It was a great weekend with the Thompson's! Can wait to do it again! Love you Grandpa and Grandma Thompson!!!

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