Thursday, April 28, 2011

Also in February

Brixton and I went home the end of January beginning of February to visit and my brother C.j. volunteered to ride back with us. When we got to 29 Palms Colby had a surprise, we were going to Sea World and we were going to have to be in the car for another 2 hours! It was all worth it, Colby got a awesome hotel that had a loft! Yeah a loft. So C.j. took that and Colby, Brixton and I took the master bedroom. We called in Outback and picked it up and ate at our hotel. We felt really cool!!
Aren't they so goofy!
After getting into Sea World we got in line for the 1st thing...
That seemed like the longest line there! After our bellies were full we went to all the different Aquarium's and the animal shows they had.

 C.j., Brixton and Colby even held a star fish!

The last thing on the list was the Shamu Show. Us along with everyone else at the Sea World headed there. It always makes me laugh when people sit in the splash zone and expect not to get wet! They got wet, very wet!
Shamu, Shamu!!

Shortly after this picture was taken Brixton was out! It had been a very long day but it was so fun!
Thanks for sharing it with us C.j.! Love you little bigger Brother!!

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