Saturday, January 8, 2011

So on Wednesday I found out it was actually Thursday....

Colby, Brixton, Grimm and I made our way home on the 2nd. Well we only went half way and drove the rest of the way on the 3rd. It was nice to break it up a little but we really wanted to just be home and not have to deal with driving and such. We were lucky this year, we missed all the holiday traffic. We drove from Vegas to Primm without even slowing down. Last year it took us 2 hours with all the traffic, usually its a quick 35 minutes.

It was great to be home (yes we still call Utah our "home"). The part I was dreading the most was the unpacking and laundry and cleaning! I just had a pretty good 2 week vaca from all the stuff. Colby pulled the car as close as he could get it to the front door so we could just assembly line it into the house.
Which just turned into this...

 Yes all of that stuff fit in our car. We even had to leave some home and I'm going to get the rest next week!! :) Most of it was Brixton's Christmas (only Grandbaby) he is a little spoiled right now. He doesn't have to share the lime light with anyone so he gets what he wants.

Once everything was put away and all the misc stuff was put in the sewing room we just lounged around. It's so nice
to just be at home, at our own home. It was so good to be home
I even lost track of time/date. I didn't know what day it was until I was talking to my mom and she said "Whitney it's Thursday not Wednesday." WHAT I just lost a whole day! Not cool.
Even though I lost a day of the week, I did happen to finish a sewing project.

I made a yoga skirt! yeah!! I'm pretty proud of it, it's very comfortable and it's from scrape fabric at JoAnn's. I think it was $2!

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