Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its a New Year...

Happy New Year from the Hill's/Thompson's!

At The Hatty's Christmas Eve party, Nikki and Grandpa took some family pictures for us! They turn out great! I'm being prejudice but our family is super cute!

I'm proud of this picture because I TOOK it and edited it!

I love being in Utah! I miss the mountains and the trees. I just hope some day we will be back here. I love being able to wake up and call my grandma to grab a drink and take a drive around Springville with her.  

These are my gorgeous sisters! I miss being able to see them all the time, its so hard. Each time I come home there is something new going on in their lives, it's just hard to keep up with.

We celebrated the New Year in style! Everyone gathered out on the back deck and Cj and Colby did the fire works for the awesome show!

The boys doing what they do best...destorying things.

Mommy and Brixton taking a short ride down "OUR" sledding hill. He didn't know if he liked it or not.
Also today was my Dad's birthday! So we celebrated it at the cabin and then went sledding down the hill and out on the snow. He loves playing on his toys, now if it wasn't 6 degrees outside!!
We have had a busy 2 weeks! It's been great to see our families and be home and play in the snow! But we are ready to make our way home.
It's a long drive but I'm ready, I'm ready!!
So tonight we'll be packing our bags and getting things ready for the drive.  
Wish us luck!

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  1. So Happy you could come and visit! Thanks for staying at our house, you made my Christmas!