Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend visitors!

So this weekend we had Colby parents come stay with us. They came in on Friday a little after 1 then we went to John's Place to grab something to eat after that Chris and I had pedi's. Oh that was so nice. I don't think I have treated myself since Brixton was born!! (well actually Chris treated! Thank you again! You are too good to me!) The next day I had a baby shower and then Colby & Brixton and his parents picked me up and we went down to Cabazon Outlets for some shoppin' after we went to dinner. On the last day we went to the base for some clearance shopping (the best!!) then to the home store where Chris & Mike got Brixton a mini drill because he loves Colby's drill. We made our way home and they got packed up to leave... we hate to see them leave but Brixton & I will be up in a few weeks to see everyone soon.
Chris & Mike:
Thanks for coming down to visit us!! We love you guys!!

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  1. How fun!! Pedicure's sound fantastic! When are you headed to Utah again??