Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday Friday!!!

I'm so excited its Friday tomorrow!!! This week has flown by so fast! I swear you have a kid and time does super speed!! I was planning on going "down the hill" ( that means to Palms Springs) with Colby but he has duty on Saturday! AHHHH I hate weekend duty and its a holiday weekend too!!! :(
Well I have been trying to keep myself busy... I have been making head bands every chance I get. If the weather is good tomorrow, my friend and I are going to have a little photo shoot with her little girl. She is so cute and the head bands will look so cute on her. I'm hoping that my other friend wants to come up this weekend and I can use her little girl too. Too bad I can't crochet something boyish!! I'm really trying to find a cute/boyish owl beanie pattern. So if anyone knows where I could find it let me know!!
I'm planning on going to Ut for about 2 weeks again in Feb, see the families again and take a few sewing classes. I have found some really cute patterns that would keep me busy while Brixton naps and the laundry and dishes run. AND I'm planning on "trying" to sell my headbands... we'll see how that goes. I just wanna see if people are even interested in them at all.
So hopefully tomorrow I should have pictures up to show you what I mean when I say headbands!!!
Until then..........

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