Sunday, January 31, 2010

I can't believe how my days get so mixed up!! I guess because I'm with Brixton all day every day and unless he has an appt I don't need to know what day it is. The only way I know it's the weekend is when Colby doesn't go to work the next morning! Ha that is so sad!

I can't wait to come home in Feb, I have tons of stuff planned to do. I'll be taking a sewing class while in Ut and I'm so excited!!! I got a book of 101 things to sew with a yard of fabric, they are stinking cute things too! My girlfriend said she will stop by and show me how to thread my machine and everything else. I know it's sad!! I took sewing classes in school and I don't remember anything! Isn't that how life works though? You don't listen to people when you are younger and when you grow up you are kicking yourself wishing that you listened to what they had to say!!

So today Colby told me that "our" new 55" tv will be here in 7 days!! WHAT!?! This man and his gadgets! I don't know where are going to sit when he puts the tv up, the one we have now feels big to me. Hopefully I'll be gone when it comes, so we don't have to bicker over where its going to go. Oh our poor little house, its a lot smaller then our 1st house in 29. He are running out of places to put things!! I'm looking forward to leaving 29 in the future and hopefully getting a bigger house! (somewhere)

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