Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A simple Tuesday

During the summer's of the High Desert you have 2 choices. Either you stay inside until the sun goes down or you go to the pool and sweat it out! We have bouncing back and forth between those 2 options. I can't wait to be done with these place...only 3 more years! :{
I have been trying to sew more but it's just so hard when Brixton is awake. He pulls my machine off the table! The machine was ok, just a few bumps. He wants to sit on my lap, which is fine but he wants to touch the machine. He tries to pull the fabric when I'm trying to sew. Colby and I have been throwing the idea of moving my growing obsession upstairs to the spare bedroom. That way it would be out the way and my mess wouldn't spread through out the whole downstairs. I think it's a great idea, but I want to get rid of the spare bed. So I have TONS of room. But then what do we do when family comes to stay? It's not that often, but we like to have some where for them. So maybe the blow up mattress?? Is that mean? Another option is the pull out couch/bed. It sounds good but who wants to spend $600 bucks on one?
So in the mean time, I have completed a few little projects.

It's a super cute little bag. My sister uses hers for her scriptures.
This one is for Allie, my youngest sister.

It's for laptops but you can use it for whatever you want.


  1. That's awesome!! I love that fabric!

    I'm not sure if you follow the blog, Young House Love. If not, they just recently turned their guest room into a guest room/office/kid friendly space for their new little one.
    They are totally frugal people with great taste! I'm sure they may have some good ideas for you in switching the spare room over.

  2. Whit that is super cute and I love the fabric. Who would have thought we would love to sew so much.
    Good luck with the crazy hot weather.