Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Gosh how time flies!! I was thinking it was still Monday.
It's already May!! Brixton and I have been trying to stay busy,
by going to the water park and to the Dinosaur Park. He loves to be
out of the house!!
I just wish that I had more time during the day. There are a million things
that I want to get done while he naps. But those 2 hours fly by!! I want to
work on sewing projects but for some reason they always take longer then
I thought they would.
But then we have days like today, Colby came home early and helped out with
Brixton and some of the details of sewing and I actually got to finish it!!
I'm really trying to get better at sewing... it takes tons of practice and
I need to learn to sit up straight when I sew. (then my back won't kill when
I try to stand up)
Here is a preview of my finished work from today!! Let me know what you think....

(it's a little cape)

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