Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter in UT

So Brixton, Grim and I drove to Utah on the 24th of March. The drive is getting better every time I drive it. It's just super boring when its just me!! I don't have anyone to talk to. And you can only listen to the same songs on the ipod so many times!! But we finally made it to UT on the 25th!!
We had Brixton's 1st Birthday party with the Thompson's the next day!

It was very very messy and that night he had a very upset lil tummy!! But he sure enjoyed it!!
We did an Easter Egg Hunt at my parents ward! It was good, Brix really just like watching all the kids running around he really didn't get it. Plus it was FREEZING so he had his huge coat on and it made it hard to pick things up without falling over.

Brixton is going to be very spoiled. He had gifts waiting for him when he got to Ut. My parents got him a Red Radio Flyer Wagon. Shebli and I sat down and put it together, it was awesome to watch us do that. But we finally got it together and he loves it! We pulled him all over the house because there was SNOW on the ground in UT. So while I was pulling him my sister thought she should be pulled around also....

aahahahahahhahahahaha!!!! I couldn't help myself!

Out at the bon fire!!

Cher & Brixton. She loves his him!!

Me Maddy and C.j. hunting for Easter Eggs at Granny Hatty's!!!

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