Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back from Utah...and still craftin'

Well Brixton, Allie and I made our way back to 29 Palms on Monday!! That drive is a killer!! It's not fun but it sure it worth it! We get to see everyone and I find new things to do everywhere I go!! :)
When I was home I took a rug hooking class and it was awesome!! That is some serious work! I think my project took me about 2 1/2 days. Shelbi is still working on hers...

I went to the Corn Wagon with my grandma for more supplies and left with another rug hooking project and signed up for a bag making class!! :)

I actually use it as a diaper bag! I love it. If you are like me, you love pockets! I made extra pockets on the inside of the bag. It feels really cool to pack around something you made! :)
I also made a fat quater bag, its going to be awesome for when we go to the beach at the end of the month. It's huge and holds a ton!!

Sorry if you thought I was done!! But I'm just getting started!!! :)
Millie (hairstylist in Ut) put some of my crochet headbands in her shop, all but a few sold. Now that summer is around the corner I have started making lil flowers to put in hair or on headbands.

Those are just a few that I'm sending to Millie to see how they will do. It's really hard trying to find things to make that would be for a little boy! :) It's like girls and accessories just go together!!! I'll find something though!!
My final project I'll show you is my Easter skirt!

I found an awesome book called '101 things to make with a yard of fabric' and I love it. That's where this skirt came from. I love it, I'm still learning how to sew but practice makes perfect.

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