Monday, November 1, 2010

If my laptop had a face I would kick it's teeth in!!!!

I'm so fuming mad about my laptop! Since yesterday it's had a melt down every time I try to use it! So I'm using Colby's! I was trying all night to post pictures of our Halloween, oh well the day after won't hurt anything right?

Brixton's loot!
He didn't understand trick or treating and he didn't need a whole bag full of candy.
He couldn't figure out why everyone was dresses so weird and he would just stare at people with painted faces. 
Brixton was a little skeleton man! He would NOT wear a mask and I tried to put some black around his didn't work. So he was just a super cute little skeleton! 

Baby Mikey as the worlds cutest banana!!!
Miss Lily has Dorothy!! She is so adorable!

Dad and Brixton enjoying some bottle caps!
Grandma Hill, Mommy, Brixton going trick or treating!
My boy's make the best faces! We had a great time, maybe next year Brix will get it!  

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