Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our poor lil guy...

For many of you who didn't know Brixton had surgery on Monday morning. He was circumcised, I know they normally do that at birth. But Brix had other problems that prevented that. So we had to wait until he was a year old to set it all up. Nothing can prepare you to watch your child in pain and not understand what is going on. It was very heart-wrenching but with some tears and lots of hugs we got through it and made out way home. Brix reacts the same way I do to anesthesia, we both throw up!!! And he did a lot. It's about an hour drive from the Hospital to our house and he made sure all the fluid they put into him came right back out!! I'm just glad it didn't smell too bad, I'm not good at control my gag reflex. We got home and sponge bathed him and put him down for a good 4 hour nap. He woke up and acted like nothing was wrong! He wanted to play and run around, as long as you don't try to change his diaper he is good. It's going on day 4 now and he is doing great. You would never know anything was wrong with him. He does get a little grumpy every now and then but I don't blame him. We have a recheck appt on Monday and I hope that goes good and he says everything looks great!! Fingers crosses!

I know it's not a happy face and not something he'll want to remember but he was being so sweet to all the nurses.

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